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Guada`s Blog

From a drawing to watercolor

Do you like drawing?

I have to confess I didn´t liked drawing when I started painting faces years ago.

My mother who went to art school always told me: If you don´t focus on sketching and drawing you will struggle with that portraits for ever...

And she was right!

I remember the exact day when i realized I could was like crossing a river, I just needed to cross my mental resistance about drawing, and DRAW.

This was my first "you can do this!" drawing ♥

Since that day I fell in love with drawing.

One drawing made all the difference and I realized I just needed to sketch more, draw more ...and think less about sketching and drawing.

Actually I think I´m better drawing than painting.
Funny isn´t it? 😉

She is one of my latest sketches...and I don´t have any shame to say I LOVE her.

She went from drawing to watercolor and this was the result 😊
I know...they look like day and night but I love both.

Do you want to see more about the process? I invite you to join the Facebook group ♥

Have you always wanted to explore watercolors on portraits? 

Exploring Watercolor Layers >> Reduced Price!

Love and light ♥

Guada`s Mandalas

Flor Negra

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Negra

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Mutante

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Mutante

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Plateada

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Plateada

watersoluble pencils and pens



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