Unfallen Angels

Learn how to paint portraits and turn them into soulful Angels ♥

Class is self paced, you can do it at your own time
8 hours of videos in real time!

:: All videos are downloadable ::


$80.- dols.


Unfallen Angels is all about portraits, how to collage and paint over it to achieve amazing Unfallen Angels ♥
Don´t expect sweet cherubs...this angels are peace and love WARRIORS, strong and with character but at the same time tender and merciful

You will learn:

How to paint mostly male portraits but I´ll show you how to work with female too.
How to paint over collage portraits.
How to pick collage pieces to compose the full painting
How to get interesting backgrounds full of meaning and texture

 No drawing or painting skills are needed, we´ll work from the scratch!

Supplies list:

Watercolor paper(100 or 140 lb will be fine)
Palette knife
Soft gel medium
White and clear gesso
Modeling paste
Coloured pencils (I use Prismacolor)
any sort of pens and markers for the final details (Uni Posca, Pitt pens, etc)
Stencils from Artistcellar

How does the class works?

During three weeks you´ll receive two lessons each week, one on Mondays and a 2nd one on Wednesdays.
At the end of the class you´ll receive a pdf so you can keep the links and contents for ever.
You will also have access to a private group of students on facebook where you can share your work week by week.

The folowing are the exact paintings I´ll teach you
during the three weeks of class:


If you have any question PLEASE fell free to email me to guadas.art@gmail.com

See you in class

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Guada`s Blog

Inner Beauty ♥ upcoming new class


Inner Beauty is my latest piece and the one it inspired my upcoming new class ♥

You know how much I love painting portraits but this one...
...this one it was special.


I love the fact that she has lots of my past style and symbolism
and at the same time she has all my new marks :)

The best of two worlds, my inner worlds, my inner beauty!

Here you can see a step by step series of pictures.

I loved doing this series and posting them on my IG :)
I am also posting some videos on my IG stories line,
you´re welcome to follow me there

Class will air next 27 of March
and registration opens next Friday 10 of March

We will explore:
 background, markmaking, drawing and painting the front portrait, symbolism and more!

Keep and eye for the early bird sale



Guada´s Art Club 2017 reduced price ends in a few days
so don´t loose the chance to save some money.

See you!
Love and light♥

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Flor Negra

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Flor Negra

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Mutante

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Flor Mutante

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Plateada

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Plateada

watersoluble pencils and pens



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