RELEASE! loosen up your painting style

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Are you ready to Release?

to trust the mess and let go all what you don´t need in your life?

I have the secret for that…

art is the secret, layers of paint are the secret, getting wild and having fun is the secret!

The class will cover this four paintings from start to finish!

  • Class 1: Explore.

  • Class 2: Picking colours wisely

  • Class 3: Contrast rules

  • Class 4: Details matters!

We will cover lots, we`ll be diving into: inks, acrylics, markers, masking and stencils....and breath, and laugh!

Basic Supply list:

  • Any surface in which you can paint. I`ll be using 30 x 30 cm canvases and watercolor sheets but you can use cardboard, mdf panels, wood or any other surface you like.
  • Acrylics: any brand you like or are used to. As you know I live in Argentina so brands here are different than yours, fell free to use any brand.
  • Brushes: bristle and foam brushes. This is an important point because my goal is to show you how to use old brushes in a fresh way, so we`ll be using all that old brushes that you think aren´t good any more. Just wait and you`ll se...we`re going to make magic with those.
  • Inks, oil and soft pastels and markers: any brand you have will work ok and again please don´t rush to buy anything! I`ll teach you how to replace some of this supplys so there will be other options.
  • Stencils: any regular stencils you like will be ok, I`ll also teach you how to improvise your own ones so be sure to have some masking tape. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are videos downloadable? yes! All videos are downloadable
  • How will I get all the class stuff? All class materials (videos and pdfs) are hosted on site, only the students who sign in will have access to the group. 

    This group features discussion forums and uploading your own images so the students will be able to upload pictures of their ongoing work so I can see their work and make suggestions, of course you`ll be able to ask any question over there to.

  • How long will I have access to the class?  you`ll have access to the class for at least one year
  • Are there be pdf tutorials?  yes!
  • How many videos will the class cover?: There are videos of the 4 art pieces recorded from start to finish.
  • Will I have personal guidance?: yes! I`ll love to give you my personal guidance though all your painting and release process.

If you have any other question PLEASE fell free to email me to

Is your inner voice shouting: yes yes I want to take this class! then do it, I promise you wont regret.


$75.- USD 


Hope to see you in class


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♥ ♥ ♥


I appreciate any donation you can or want to do, every little counts


Join us!

Guada`s Blog

A warrior of a thousand battles. A thanksgiving letter for your warrior

Every time I think about this last two years in my life I tend to imagine
I´m a warrior of a thousand battles ♥

This is me about to star a spinning class with my team :)
Unbelievable don´t you think?
Before I started this path for a really healthy life everyone told me me how huge tha change would be and I wasn´t even close to that concept when i thought about it.

When people think on a healthy life style they tend to focus on losing weight and using the cloths you always wanted to...but believe me that´s just the top of the iceberg, the visible one.

I have new goals now, my life is not just about my art any more and it takes time to adjust myself to the changes.

I´m struggling in finding a balance between excersive (I want to make more and more every day), art and a healthy life (ccoking, etc). But I know sooner or later I´ll find that balance :)

The thing is it´s thanksgiving today and I have SO MUCH to be grateful for.

♥ I´m grateful for giving myself a second chance in life
♥ I´m grateful for new goals and because life keeps showing me how unlimited gifted we all are
♥ I´m grateful for YOU reading ME...because I know small acts can enlight a soul and make it shine so bright!
♥ I´m grateful for my family and friends
♥ I´m grateful for ART in all its forms


Just remember to shine your light

Ohhh and in case you´re new over here and don´t know what I´m talking about
this was me two years ago

...and this is me today

Believe me, it can be done one step at a time.

Love and light♥

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Flor Negra

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Flor Mutante

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Flor Plateada

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