RELEASE! loosen up your painting style

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Are you ready to Release?

to trust the mess and let go all what you don´t need in your life?

I have the secret for that…

art is the secret, layers of paint are the secret, getting wild and having fun is the secret!

The class will cover this four paintings from start to finish!

  • Class 1: Explore.

  • Class 2: Picking colours wisely

  • Class 3: Contrast rules

  • Class 4: Details matters!

We will cover lots, we`ll be diving into: inks, acrylics, markers, masking and stencils....and breath, and laugh!

Basic Supply list:

  • Any surface in which you can paint. I`ll be using 30 x 30 cm canvases and watercolor sheets but you can use cardboard, mdf panels, wood or any other surface you like.
  • Acrylics: any brand you like or are used to. As you know I live in Argentina so brands here are different than yours, fell free to use any brand.
  • Brushes: bristle and foam brushes. This is an important point because my goal is to show you how to use old brushes in a fresh way, so we`ll be using all that old brushes that you think aren´t good any more. Just wait and you`ll se...we`re going to make magic with those.
  • Inks, oil and soft pastels and markers: any brand you have will work ok and again please don´t rush to buy anything! I`ll teach you how to replace some of this supplys so there will be other options.
  • Stencils: any regular stencils you like will be ok, I`ll also teach you how to improvise your own ones so be sure to have some masking tape. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are videos downloadable? yes! All videos are downloadable
  • How will I get all the class stuff? All class materials (videos and pdfs) are hosted on site, only the students who sign in will have access to the group. 

    This group features discussion forums and uploading your own images so the students will be able to upload pictures of their ongoing work so I can see their work and make suggestions, of course you`ll be able to ask any question over there to.

  • How long will I have access to the class?  you`ll have access to the class for at least one year
  • Are there be pdf tutorials?  yes!
  • How many videos will the class cover?: There are videos of the 4 art pieces recorded from start to finish.
  • Will I have personal guidance?: yes! I`ll love to give you my personal guidance though all your painting and release process.

If you have any other question PLEASE fell free to email me to

Is your inner voice shouting: yes yes I want to take this class! then do it, I promise you wont regret.


$75.- USD 


Hope to see you in class


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♥ ♥ ♥


I appreciate any donation you can or want to do, every little counts


Join us!

Guada`s Blog

From a drawing to watercolor

Do you like drawing?

I have to confess I didn´t liked drawing when I started painting faces years ago.

My mother who went to art school always told me: If you don´t focus on sketching and drawing you will struggle with that portraits for ever...

And she was right!

I remember the exact day when i realized I could was like crossing a river, I just needed to cross my mental resistance about drawing, and DRAW.

This was my first "you can do this!" drawing ♥

Since that day I fell in love with drawing.

One drawing made all the difference and I realized I just needed to sketch more, draw more ...and think less about sketching and drawing.

Actually I think I´m better drawing than painting.
Funny isn´t it? 😉

She is one of my latest sketches...and I don´t have any shame to say I LOVE her.

She went from drawing to watercolor and this was the result 😊
I know...they look like day and night but I love both.

Do you want to see more about the process? I invite you to join the Facebook group ♥

Have you always wanted to explore watercolors on portraits? 

Exploring Watercolor Layers >> Reduced Price!

Love and light ♥

Guada`s Mandalas

Flor Negra

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Negra

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Mutante

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Mutante

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Plateada

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Plateada

watersoluble pencils and pens



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