Ghost Girls Class

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you will also gain access to Guada´s private students group on Facebook


$80.- dols

If you have any question please email me at


Why Ghost Girls?

when I started to paint this lovely girls I use to call them my "subtle girls" but then a friend told me "They look like beautiful ghosts", and I loved that!

So that`s why ;-)


The class:

Class is actually self paced so you can start at any time.

I will teach you the following:





  • Class covers detailed drawing, sketching and painting lessons.
  • how to paint colorful and rich backgrounds
  • how to to make your own hand-made stamps
  • how to finish your art pieces to hang on your wall
  • You will get detailed and downloadable videos
  • Access to private groups in my art community and on Facebook where the students will be able to share their work and create community :-)





  • Watercolor paper any brand you like or have (100 or 140lb will be ok)
  • Acrylics, brushes and an old card (credit card, blockbuster card, anyone will work ok)
  • White gesso
  • Dylusions Ink spray and Artistcellar Stencils. Student Kits* are available
  • Brayer
  • Blending stump
  • Pens: black (I use PITT artist brush and Uni Posca), white (I use Uni Posca), colors.
  • A Gelli plate (if you don´t have one it´s ok, I´ll teach you how to replace it)
  • Styrofoam trays
  • White spray paint (optional)
  • Scanner and printer (optional): I´ll show you how to use your own drawings as templates you can print and paint any time you want.

Artistcellar student kits*:

Big Kit includes:

  • Stencils: Sea Foam Stencil, Hempflower Stencil, Sri Yantra Stencil, Square Rose Stencil, Reims Stencil
  • Inks: Black Marble Dylusions Spray, Pure Sunshine Dylusions Spray, Bubblegum Pink Dylusions Spray, Vibrant Turquoise Dylusions Spray, Cut Grass Dylusions Spray, Purple Twilight Colorwash Spray, Sunset Orange Colorwash Spray, Denim Colorwash Spray

$50.- (dols) + shipping (shipping cost depends of your location)

Small Kit includes:

  • 4 ink bottles and 3 stencils

You can choose inks and stencils from the following list:


Sea Foam Stencil
Hempflower Stencil
Sri Yantra Stencil
Square Rose Stencil
Reims Stencil


Black Marble Dylusions Spray
Pure Sunshine Dylusions Spray
Bubblegum Pink Dylusions Spray
Vibrant Turquoise Dylusions Spray
Cut Grass Dylusions Spray
Purple Twilight Colorwash Spray
Sunset Orange Colorwash Spray
Denim Colorwash Spray

$28.- (dols) + shipping (shipping cost depends of your location)

To order a GGC student kit please send an email to


Promotional video


If you have any question PLEASE fell free to email me to

See you in class

workshops with Guada


♥ ♥ ♥


I appreciate any donation you can or want to do, every little counts


Join us!

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Winners of the giveaway plus Early Bird Registration is now open :)

 Drum roll please!
We have two winners of a free spot on my brand new class

Here we go!

The 1rst seat is for


The 2nd seat is for 

Jade Scarlett!

Congratulations and please email me to
so I can send you the welcome instructions.

The second great news is that Early Bird registration
for the class is now open yay!

-- Early Bird Sale ends next Monday 31 of July --
So ACT FAST and save some money ;)

Some of you keep asking if registration for Guada´s Art Club 2017 is still open

Of course it is!
you´re very welcome to join us at any time.

Hope to see you in class ♥
Keep creating

Guada`s Mandalas

Flor Negra

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Negra

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Mutante

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Mutante

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Plateada

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Plateada

watersoluble pencils and pens



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