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  • Star Mandala

    5 members Latest Activity: Aug 22, 2013

    Learn hoy to design and paint a star Mandala with Guada.

    $15.- (dols)…

  • Sibling Love

    178 members Latest Activity: Jul 4, 2015

    Learn how to create amazing dolls in Guada´s style! Join me for a two weeks…

  • Rainbow Ghost Girls

    62 members Latest Activity: May 13, 2015

    Learn how to draw and paint colorful girls.
    This is a private group for the Rainbow Ghost Girls students, for more info about this class…

  • Be Inspired

    8 members Latest Activity: Jul 4, 2014

    Get Inspiration and create beauty

  • The Totem Animal Mandala Challenge 2013

    296 members Latest Activity: Aug 5, 2015

    12 months, 12 Mandalas, 12 Totem Animals.

    Join us for an exciting whole year journey!

    Each month an Animal Mandala template designed…

  • The Seed of Life. FREE CLASS

    743 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    A two weeks class to learn how to draw your own Mandalas with the design of the Seed of Life.

    • In the first…

  • Ghost Girls Mini

    12 members Latest Activity: Sep 1, 2015

    This is a private group for Ghost Girls MINI Class students, you´ll find more details about the class here …

  • Owl Love doll

    21 members Latest Activity: Feb 16, 2015

    Learn how to create a cute Owl Love doll with charm in Guada´s style.

    Find more about the class here …

  • Angels Season - The Journal

    38 members Latest Activity: Jul 8, 2015

    Join me in the adventure to build an Angels Season Journal.

    This is a private group for students who sign up to the class.
    For more…

  • Ghost Girls Class

    113 members Latest Activity: Aug 21, 2015

    Learn how to draw and paint my Ghost Girls style portraits.

    This is a private group for Ghost Girls Class students, you´ll find more…

  • Release!

    32 members Latest Activity: May 29, 2014

    Loosen up your painting style, let go what you don´t need within layers and layers of paint!

  • Guada and Jay`s room

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 3, 2013

    Private room for sharing and testing things with Jay

  • Little Goddesses, Great Mandalas

    16 members Latest Activity: Aug 26, 2013

    Every month I`ll teach you how to paint one Goddess from my e-book Little Goddesses, Great Mandalas.

workshops with Guada


♥ ♥ ♥


I appreciate any donation you can or want to do, every little counts


Join us!

Guada`s Blog

We continue to create Art ♥ Special May Sale!

 Yes...that´s what we do on Guada´s Art Club :)
We continue to create Art!

Let me show you what we have created just for the 1rst months of the year...
and we still have soooo much art to create!

For January:
we started with watercolors, graphite, mixed media, drawing and painting!

For February:
we stretched our drawing and painting skills! 
acrylics and acrylic inks, graphite, stamps, watercolors ..and more :) 

For March:
we took the big leap into Mandalas and painting portraits over collage
plus lots of embellishment techniques ♥

For April:
awwww this month is all about color, collage and having tons of fun!
and talking about art and fun...down roll everyone, Frida is in The Club

Ok, so now that you have seen ALL what we have done...don´t you reeeeaaaally want to join us?

But wait! there is more, let me show you what´s next ;)

For May:
Mixed media portrait and more Mandala making!

The good news is that you still have the chance to join Guada´s Ar Club

PLUS there is a Special May Sale yayyyy!



NOTE: Special May Sale ends next Thursday 4 of May at midnight
or once the 1rst 10 seats go, what happends first :)

So act fast and JOIN The Club TODAY!

Hope to see you in class!
Love and light♥

Guada`s Mandalas

Flor Negra

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Negra

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Mutante

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Mutante

watersoluble pencils and pens

Flor Plateada

Pentarte publicó una foto:

Flor Plateada

watersoluble pencils and pens



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